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Player Randomizer 1.2 2006-08-12 This simple program helps you assign players randomly to their starting positions in multiplayer games. Thanks to The Groll for idea and graphics.
MLD Converter 1.1 2006-08-12 Converts MLD files to text files and vice versa. By editing the text file and converting it back to MLD, you can change all the texts in the game, in all languages supported in AoWSM (should also work with AoW2, not tested with AoW1). Note that some names (like ability names, spell names, building names and race names) are hard-coded, and their NATIVE versions must not be changed in the MLD files (add the [US] versions instead), while the texts that can be changed in the editor (unit names, unit descriptions, building descriptions, race descriptions, scenario texts etc.) must be exaclty the same in the editor and as NATIVE in the MLD files. No documentation is included so email me if you have questions about this program, or ask on the Mod Making forum.

Changes in version 1.1: Now you have an option to switch converting newlines to <eol> tags on/off. (This is used when converting from text files to MLD files).

Map Converter 1.00 2005-04-26 Converts AoW1 maps to AoWSM. I'm going to make a new version after the release of the unofficial patch. It will use the new units and map structures introduced in the patch. Converted Valley of Wonders
Map Sizer 2005-04-26 Creates blank maps of any size, up to 256x256.
Blue combat paths 2005-04-26 A replacement General.ILB file with the green dots in combat paths changed to blue. This can be helpful for some color blind users. Place it in the "Images" subdirectory of your AoWSM directory. Backup the original file first if you want to use it later.
CRC source code 2005-04-26 Source code (in C++) of a procedure that calculates the CRC of .pfs and .ahr files (for advanced modders only).
Unit Editor (beta) 2005-04-26 Allows to give units more than 50 hit points and levels higher than 4. It's a beta version. No bugs were spotted in it, but setting unit levels to 0 may cause problems. Give more than 61 HP only to siege machines, because higher HP values generate problems in combination with the Martyr spell.

NEW: Due to some problems with Healing and Life Stealing, the recommended HP limits are: 60 for non-machines and 103 for machines. Also, if a unit has level other than 1-4, it's not available in the editor to place on a map (but remains on maps if placed earlier). I'm going to make a new version of the unit editor, which will allow to edit abilities (so you can give a unit Healing II, paralyzing arrows, a ranged attack usable 3 times/day etc.)

validating program
2005-04-26 This simple program enables using a mod with maps made for the standard ruleset and with the AoWSM campaign.
UnitGfx Palette
Modifier (UGPM) 1.1
2005-04-26 A script-based utility that lets you recolor units to make gfx for new ones. For instance you can create a green dragon using the red dragon gfx. Examples included. Version 1.1 includes 2 bug fixes. Sample recolored unit: Archon Cardinal (from the upcoming unofficial patch)
Modified Productions
and Wizard Skills
2004-03-24 Files with modified game rules that can be used with maps created for the standard ruleset, and with the AoWSM campaign. You can use one or both modified files. Changes to the original rules:
  • Productions: building availability depends on the city size
  • Wizard Skills: you can only have 5 skills (besides Casting Specialist and the negative ones)

See the readme file for details.

Colored spell icons 2004-01-23 An edited spellicons.ilb file with each spell icon in a color depending on the sphere. Works with both AoW2 and AoWSM. [3 MB] screenshot
ILB converter 2004-01-23 This program can convert most ILB files with unit gfx from AoW1 to AoW2/SM format.
Gas Breath fx file 2004-01-23 This is the fx file that you can use for the Gas Breath ability in your mod. Copy _Gas_Breath.fx to <Your AoWSM folder>/Resource/FX/Ability and assign it to the Gas Breath ability.