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Welcome to my website. Here you can download all Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic tools and modifications created by me (PawelS). If you have problems, comments, questions etc. about these files, email me or discuss them at the Age of Wonders 2 Heaven general discussion, scenario design or mod making forum. I check these forums daily.


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2006-08-12: Player Randomizer

The Groll had an idea of a program that helps you assign players to their starting positions randomly. So here (in the downloads section) it is. Also, the MLD converter has been updated to a new version.

2005-09-20: MLD converter

I'm still busy with the the unofficial patch, I'm working only on things that are useful in developing it. One of them is a program that allows you to edit the MLD (dictionary) files. I think it can be useful for other purposes too, so I made it available from this site. Also, there is some new information about the Unit Editor in the downloads section.

2005-04-26: Interview

There is an interview with me on the AoW2 Heaven site.

2005-04-26: Major site update

The site has been updated (and I gave it a name - see above). All files that I released earlier on the forums are downloadable from this site now. I'll make updates more often from now on.



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